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super high school level manatee
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Getting eye fucked by Tom Hiddleston



Crystal River manatee. #manatee #me #crystalriver #florida #spring


Crystal River manatee. #manatee #me #crystalriver #florida #spring


Hey everyone! A friendly reminder that  #avasdemonupdate is used to track the comic by people who have probably not read the update yet. If it’s okay, can everyone not tag spoilers in it? Thank you!!!

Please do NOT post spoilers and works in the #avasdemonupdate tag!!! 

People check that tag to find the update posts, and you are covering it in spoilers before people get a chance to read them. That is supposed to be a tag for update posts from the official blog only.


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Here is a short list of a few of the hundreds of examples of the media intentionally manipulating the public to support Israel’s recent offensive against Palestinians
July 24, 2014

Please reblog or message with additions as you see/think of them and I will edit with the additions. I am sure we can create quite a large list of examples.

Oh. OH. Okay. Sneaky.

Oh. OH. Okay. Sneaky.

This is important. 


(Note: While this post discusses the recent doxxing of a well-known member of the Welcome To Night Vale fandom, I will not be using her real name at any point. While the name is undoubtedly known to many people, I nonetheless ask anyone reblogging or commenting on…


『魔法少女の結末』by 4B鉛筆