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super high school level manatee
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More cosplayers from AFO 15! I wasn’t able to get everyone’s URL, so if you see yourself, send me a message and I’ll gladly tag you!

Newt is revolution9o9

Cecil is eimme

Da$hcon is seerofsarcasm

Rose and Roxy are cancerously and voyeuristicdarlings respectively

Babydoll is pixxistixxx

Levi is baphocishet



the greatest plan in history


well one of us is going to have to go home and change


"Let’s have a watermelon party!" (from the Molang Facebook page)


"Let’s have a watermelon party!" (from the Molang Facebook page)

I feel you so hard :( I wanted to go too but Cardiff is too far away from London for my parents to agree to it! When are you going to be in London? You might be able to get into the harry potter studio tour!

fUCK there’s a Harry Potter studio tour??? I’m gonna look that up!!! My mom and I are gonna be in London from the 7th-16th, with a couple nights in Paris in between.

Any suggestions on great local places to eat?

pyrategross said:  How legit is that Dr. Who article. 'Cause if it is, I might actually get back into it (I loved it before Moffat came in), so I'm super excited if it's legit.

The first one seems really legit!!!

The second one is satire about the first one but it seems that Capaldi is 100% on the “no flirting” train and i’m down for that. Now I just hope he doesn’t let Moffat completely run The Doctor into a dark spiral hole.

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Okay, but listen. In Winter Soldier you have Natasha trying to set Steve up, you have Sam asking what makes him happy, you have Steve telling Peggy he just wants to know who he’s fighting, and Sitwell telling us they used the past to determine someone’s future. 

These are questions and ideas the narrative sets up to be answered and they’re answered by bucky’s re-appearance in steve’s life.



AFO pool party 2k14

I’m absolutely devastated because the Doctor Who exhibit in Cardiff is going to be closed when i’m in London :(

When am I ever going to get to fucking Europe again???????