Hey cosplayers and cosplay fans, listen up because i’m tired of this shit.
  • If a cis guy dresses as a girl for fun or for an event, no one calls him a fakeboi
  • If a cis girl dresses as a guy for fun or for an event, no one calls her a fake girl
  • If a cis guy cosplays as a girl for a con, no one calls him a fakeboi
  • If a cis girl cosplays as a guy for a con, no one calls her a fake girl
  • Yet when a trans* guy cosplays a girl at a con, everyone calls him a fakeboi
  • And when a trans* girl cosplays a guy at a con, everyone calls her a fake girl.

Cosplay has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with your gender identity. No one questions the gender identity of cis cosplayers when they crossplay. If a cis girl crossplays as a guy no one goes up to them and says “YOU MUST NOT REALLY BE A GIRL YOU MUST REALLY BE A BOY.” 

So why the fuck do you do it to trans* cosplayers?

By calling someone a fakeboi or fake girl because they cosplay a member of the opposite gender of their own identified one, you are just proving that you are a transphobic douchebag. You are clearly just looking for something to disprove their identity because you can’t handle the idea of someone being trans* and there is literally no excuse for your behavior.

There’s only so many times I can hear or see guys who I know and respect being called “fake” because they cosplay a character they like, while my cis friends, including myself, get absolutely none of that for doing the exact same thing. 

Transphobia in the cosplay community needs to fucking stop and it needs to fucking stop now. REPEAT AFTER ME:


November 11
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