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How to determine which side is your good side! 

If there’s one thing you hear all the time from people who are getting their photos taken, it’s “make sure you get my good side” but what does that exactly mean? Each side looks the same to you!

Well, faces aren’t actually symmetrical! Everyone’s face is a little asymmetrical, wether it’s by a little or by a lot! You probably don’t notice it much, but there’s a way to tell what side of your face is the “good” side! 

First, take a picture of yourself in even lighting, with no makeup, glasses and your hair pulled back. I know it’s unflattering but just do it, you want to judge your natural face.

Now, go into photoshop and open your picture. I don’t have photoshop so i’m using pixlr, an online photoshop website.

The next step is to select half your face. Try to get as in the middle as you possibly can. A good judge of what half your face is is by looking at your lips, if you have heart shaped lips just make sure you’re right in the middle of them.

After that copy that half and paste it. Then, delete the background (the original, full picture)

After that, duplicate the later and flip it horizontally so you have the a full face made up of only one side.

I deleted the background so you know for sure when the two sides meet and get an accurate representation of your face, instead of accidentally overlapping the two layers on the nose. Even a few pixels can throw it off. Then you bring them together, save the image, and do the same for the other side of your face!

You’ll be left with three VERY different pictures of yourself! The first is your real face:

Then your face it it was symmetrical with the right side:

And your face is it was symmetrical to your left!

Finding your “good” side is just a matter of deciding which one you think looks better! (Personally I think my left side has a bit more character so I choose to photograph myself from that side as much as I can). 

This trick is great if you’re going into modeling, if you’re a cosplayer, or if you just hate looking at photos of yourself and your friends and not liking what you see!

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