I don’t know man like, I think Hussie does spoil us with good characters but there’s only so many times I can hear Jake bitch and moan before I just want to strangle him screaming “then fix it you little stupid asswipe” like I stopped pitying him a long time ago because it’s just his own fault now.

February 02
  1. gildedcity said: I feel like that’s hussie’s point though. Like, we all have met those people who just self-hate and self-pity themselves and we pity them for a while and we empathize some, but then we’re just like “well you need to buck up”, but they don’t
  2. cancerously said: I mean I feel like a lot of jake’s issues are self esteem ones? everyone’s yelling about Dirk being depressed but it seems more like Jake is a self-pitying depressive. More like bruce banner. “I’m shit and my friends don’t deserve me.”
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