Hey Katsustuck streettiers!!!

So I hope all your cosplays are going well! c: With all the Homestuck event times set in stone, the meetup is now CONFIRMED for 1:00 on Friday! 

I just wanted to make this post to also tell you that there will be a videographer hanging around the gazebo or the fountains at 1:30 who’s looking for people for a compilation video about Katsucon! He’s just interested in people walking up and doing something fun for 30 seconds so I figured, hey, we’re a big ass fairly impressive group, why not! 

So if we end up finding him I think that would be neat to do c: and of course totally optional. Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say! See you all at Katsucon!

February 02
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    Yooo I’m the photographer for this group and I’m super pumped to work with you guys!
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