There were two kinds of BBYO attendees. These are open letters to both of them.

Because it seems like people are only addressing the brats I decided to write two letters. The first is to the well behaved, sweet BBYO attendees, WHICH EXISTED GUYS PLEASE DON’T FORGET THAT?

Awesome BBYO attendees, 

Thanks so much for being cool. I realize that cosplaying (which is what it’s called when you dress up as a character) is sort a weird hobby. I realize that we’re all sort of weird. But these conventions? Are the only place that a lot of us get to feel at home. Personally, I poured hours upon hours of work into my costumes for this convention and flew from Florida. And for those of you who appreciated that time and work, thank you.

I’m no stranger to convention centers double booking an anime/comic convention next to one that doesn’t exactly mesh. I’m from Florida and down here we have Megacon which for the past 5 years has been consistently booked next to cheerleading conventions, gymnastics conventions, volleyball conventions and Mary Kay conferences. Some of my best times are when I get recognized by someone not at the con, or when people not at the con ask for my picture or a picture with me. People who are able to have an understanding for those who are different and who enjoy different things, and who can accept that, are fantastic. If you are one of them, believe me, you will go very far in a happy life.

Your curiosity and kindness is wonderful, and please keep that. For those of you who would politely ask for pictures with cosplayers, thank you. For those of you who complimented cosplayers, thank you. For those of you who even bought a one day badge to wander around and see things, thank you. I apologize that you are being lumped into groups with those of your convention who lacked the maturity and open-mindedness that you had. I hope you came out of your convention with some fun stories to tell your friends back home.

Thanks again,

- Ashley

Now, for the people that everyone is complaining about. If you were one of those immature kids who made fun of cosplayers, laughed at them, THREW THINGS AT THEM, or were just generally rude, this is for you.

Bad BBYO attendees,

You’re a bunch of fucking shitdicks. I’m not even going to sugar coat that. Through the weekend I was laughed at, I was mocked, I had food thrown at me and the cosplays I worked weeks on, I was bumped into on purpose, I was glared at, and I had more people be rude to me from your con than Ive ever had be rude to me anywhere. And I work in costumer service.

But know this, these people you’re making fun of have jobs and probably make more than you do. While you’re off flying to DC on your parent’s dime, cosplayers are working their ass off to make the money it takes to sustain their hobby and their lives all at once. These people have skills far beyond what you could ever hope to have (seriously, let’s see you make some battle armor, buddy) and not only that, but they have the finances to back it up. Their hobby may be weird but they’re sure as hell more mature than you are.

Let’s put it this way, we had a convention of 12,000 people in freaky ass costumes. You had a convention of a thousand, maybe more, in normal clothes. Yet YOUR convention is the one not getting allowed back to that resort even if you tried.

If you at any point this weekend laughed at a convention attendee, threw things at a convention attendee, or were generally rude for no reason other than we were at a weird con, congratulations, you are the living embodiment of cancer that brought down the rest of your otherwise fine convention. I hope you are satisfied with the fact that the Gaylord now thinks everyone at your convention is a babbling child who can do nothing but be rude and ruin their hotel, and I hope you’re proud of the fact that you represented your community so poorly that you will be told as a horror story for years to come and everyone at that hotel and convention will have large negative associations with BBYO forever.

I hope you’re proud of yourselves and how you represented your community,


February 02
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