Bioshock Infinite and Racism - Part I

I wanna play this so bad

I don’t think I ever want to play this game. Especially with the first pic of what looks like a witch hunt and 2 black people about to be burned at the stake…

This left a bad taste in my mouth…I don’t want to play this shit.

Reblogging for BigBlackWolfe to see the racist fuckery in Bioshock Infinite.

Also, I’m seeing a whole lot of people calling individuals like myself who don’t want to buy this game for the blatant racism ‘stupid’


I have EVERY FUCKING RIGHT not to want to buy a goddamn video game because of this shit. EVERY RIGHT.

These same mothafuckers be on that ‘freedom of speech’ bullshit, but when POC use it to say “Nope, not here for this shit. It’s racist,” they want to shout us down.


I’ll spend my 70 dollars on something that is WORTH MY FUCKING TIME.


The racist imagery in this game was completely unnecessary and I bet they did it to be controversial on fucking purpose without any regard to how that would make people feel. Or with regard, but not for any concern more so than their own shits and giggles.

Like this game could have been just as good without the overblown racist imagery of Black people.

I mean I get they’re trying to show the whole “racism is bad look at this it’s bad” thing but come the fuck on, this is unnecessary

It wasn’t “unnecessary.” Racism isn’t something that needs to be explained subtly. The game is purposefully doing the opposite of what mass media today does: it’s not sugarcoating it. Columbia as a city is meant to represent the absolute worst of American history and American society, and that is exactly why it doesn’t hold back punches. A lot of our media likes to white wash history and dance around issues of racism in the very concepts of what it means to be American, but this game actually goes out of its way to show how unethical this ideology is. 

The game actually does a great job of pointing out problems in our social foundations of racism, sexism, corporate capitalist abuse, religious zealotry. I often hear other P.O.C. on Tumblr complain that the media is skewed to avoid making American and white history in general look bad. If anything, people should play this game, because it doesn’t pretend like American society is perfect: it’s a game that takes the concepts that built this nation to show how morally depraved they really are.

Columbia isn’t there for the player to like, and its citizens aren’t there for the player to want to emulate. It’s actually there as an example of exactly what is wrong with white colonialism, racism, xenophobia, white supremacist attitudes, etc.

This game is actually being attacked by white supremacists because they think it’s “anti-white,” since the game doesn’t pander. It’s brutal about its portrayal, but for a reason. A good reason.

I was shocked reading the preceeding comments before the last because I thought it was very clear, in even just the screen captures, that the point was to show how lurid racism was at that time. That it was simply a cold, honest portrayal of a sick philosophy at a turning point when it was still bold— not showing something you should agree with and espouse. And… I’ve been under the impression that the Bioshock games tend to present awful communities like that as examples of terrible things people tend to do but shouldn’t? The hedonism and avarice of it, the absurd cruelty of it, etc. That people put happy faces on absolute barbarism. This is something that needs displayed in all its disgusting glory because, indeed as the person previous said, our media today tries to dance around it, sugar coat it, hide it and pretend this ugly chapter never ever happened.

Presenting ugly, disgusting behaviors and ideologies for what they are is a means of educating people against those behaviors. When we hide and sugar coat everything, people put such great distance between themselves and it that they end up doing it, but don’t consider themselves worse for it. If you really think that pointing out how horrible something is by example means you’re being told to go do that, you’re a fucking moron. I’m sorry— but seriously. You can’t hide from everything you don’t like and a prime motivator for preventing foul behavior is to show it, and to show how foul that is. You SHOULD feel uncomfortable to see those sorts of things. And why avoid that? Why avoid discomfort? You can’t learn and be a human like that. Pain teaches you to avoid shit. It’s upsetting? Fantastic, now you know better how/why to not treat another human being. Without these lessons people get stupid fucking ideas in their heads that they’re supposed to be granted control over others because they want it, or that their partners are their property, or so on. and so forth. I know full fucking grown adults who can’t understand that racism is a thing and it totally happens and how that all works because they’ve never been forced to confront it or fully understand it. Or if not racism, homophobia or transphobia or ethnocentrism and sexism and so on. Everything gets turned into blanket statements and literalism and semantics. if they don’t personally experience it or are otherwise given the understanding of what it’s like to experience it, they simply don’t believe it and don’t give a fuck. No one wants to think critically, especially when it might mean they’re actually doing something bad and instead of seeing an opportunity for self improvement, they only think they’re being personally attacked and that it’s necessary for them to prove they’re perfect. Which is totally asinine. Of course people make mistakes, and the matter is whether or not they learn from it. Which takes us back to the top— without knowing what mistakes to avoid or how, you can’t hope not to commit them. 


I don’t even play Bioshock, but doesn’t this game take place around the 1920s? If that’s the case, the makers of this game have every right to, oh I dunno, fucking make a period piece and be as historically accurate as possible.

Tune in next time for another episode of just because someone or something is bad in a video game or book doesn’t mean it is being glorified.

March 03
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