What is Raley’s Confectionary?

Raley’s Confectionary is a family owned and operated Candy Shop that combines centuries old candy making techniques with wholesome ingredients and modern artwork.  All of our Rock Candy is Handmade, 100% Natural, Vegan, Gluten Free and made with unbleached Organic Sugar.

We have been in business since April of 2013 and are finally ready to undertake our first expansion.

While we occasionally make other types of candy, Rock is our specialty.  Rock is a type of boiled sugar sweet with designs, letters, or artwork inside each piece.  The artwork is fashioned by hand in large logs of molten sugar and then stretched into hundreds of feet of rope.  Thanks to Uniform-Scaling,  the artwork in the log shrinks down to fit in a tiny bite sized piece of candy.  By using carefully-selected natural extracts and oils we create hundreds of bright robust flavors to complement the visual appeal of our designs.

Ok, Tell me again exactly what you are going to do with all of this dough.

The main goal of this Kickstarter is to bring the magic of Candymaking to a place where the public can share and experience it.  To do that we will need the following:

- Larger Tables
- Upgraded heating equipment- Sneezeguards and other fixtures
- Point of sale system
- Upgrades to the bathroom area
- High quality webcams
- Someone to help us get all of this setup and do troubleshooting
- Lapel Microphones and Condenser microphones to capture sound
- Plenty of bandwidth

Hey guys, ive got some news and a favor to ask! This is a wonderful little locally owned candy shop here in Tallahassee, their candy is DEVINE and right now they’re trying to grow! My best friend Meryl works there as an apprentice, and the owner really takes his craft seriously!

This kickstarter is really going to help, and even a $10 donation gets a candy reward! Not only that, but if you didn’t catch the bold up top, all of this candy is 100% natural, vegan AND gluten free! So it totally goes along with your lifestyle choices and dietary restrictions, and if you aren’t vegan and can eat gluten, hey, candy you don’t have to feel guilty about!

So please, as a favor to me, donate and reblog this! And if you’re vegan or a part of a vegan community, please spread this around so we can really get it going, support your locally owned small vegan businesses! 

Here’s the link to the kicksarter (it’s also linked at the top) and thank you!!!

October 10
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